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Video Locking Boxes for DVD/Bluray Players/TV Media Boxes

ClearPC makes DVD/Bluray cases and TV Media Center boxes often with dual locks and half inch thick standoffs for solid mounting. Generic sizes and made to order in any size.

Blu-ray DVD CD Security Case

Blu-ray / DVD / CD Player Security Case

Blu-ray Player/DVD/CD Player Security Cabinet is ideal for securing your player against theft... More Info »


Apple TV Security Case, Lockable Housing

This Apple TV security container is a simple, secure lock box that can be mounted to a shelf or TV stand. More Info »

netgear pushtv2 ptv3000 2

Netgear PushTV2 PTV3000 Security Case

The Netgear PushTV2 PTV3000 Security Case is a small, secure lock box for your media player. More Info »


Blu-ray/DVD/CD Security Case With Hand Opening

Blu-ray Player/DVD/CD Player Security Case with HO allows unattended movie swapping. More Info »

remote control storage box

Remote Control Storage Security Case, Wall Mount

This TV remote control storage box is wall mountable and lockable. More Info »


ClearPC Apple IPOD Locking Box, Wall Mount

The ClearPC Apple IPOD lock box is a wall-mountable security case for up to 4 Apple IPODs. More Info »

everfocus ecor264x1 network dvr security case

Everfocus ECOR264X1 Network DVR Security Case

The ClearPC Everfocus Network DVR security case. More Info »