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About clearPC

About ClearPC

ClearPC Overview.

The Upgrade Path Inc., the owner of the brand name, “ClearPC,” manufactures a wide range of clear acrylic enclosures, covers, containers and cases, however, we are adept at discovering new, innovative solutions in plastic for our diverse customer base. All of our products are designed with the latest 3D modeling tools in our 2059sq. ft. industrial building. Our products can be found all over the world however our primary market is of course the United States of America.

As a plastics fabricator, we service a variety of industries including Technology, Retail (Advertising/Promotions), Health, Hotel and Finance and we offer on-demand design and volume fabrication in a facility that prides itself on efficient, linear manufacturing methodologies.

Our company’s history of innovation spans more than two decades. Our brand name ClearPC® first appeared on the Internet in 1999, when we popularized the concept of the first commercially available clear acrylic computer cases. The success of these products continues with “one of a kind” enclosures like the ClearPC® Grande II. Like the Grande II, all of our enclosures are built by futurists and craftsmen.

ClearPC® today represents much more than the world’s most widely reviewed and modified acrylic pc cases. Some of our products include security containers for the Microsoft Xbox®, Nintendo® WII® and the Sony® Playstation®. We also maintain the world’s largest line of clear acrylic briefcases, enclosures that have been used in advertising and promotions at Loreal®, Microsoft®, World Wrestling Entertainment®, Fortune Brands® and an assortment of Canadian and US corporations some of which are noted below.

In cooperation with our sister web site,, we are a resourceful partner for acrylic product design (with a particular focus on enclosure design), manufacturing and acrylic sheet products, tools and parts.

Over the years, our products have been featured at Tom’s Hardware Guide®, Anandtech®, HardOCP®, Slashdot® and numerous others; with appearances on television programs like TechTV®, in magazines like PC Magazine®, MaximumPC®, CPU Magazine®, PC Answers®, PC Guide®, PC Upgrade® and lesser publications in various countries (Canada, the U.K. and the U.S.A in particular).

Companies like Microsoft®, Intel®, HP® (Compaq®), General Electric®, BeamGlobal®, Ebay®, ATI®, MSI®, EPOX®, SOYO®, IWILL®, Virgin® Group and hundreds of others have called upon our services. We were the first to change the very landscape of display enclosures and we continue to push the limits of design, modification and craftsmanship like no one else.

If you’ve come to find a case, cover, frame housing, container, an enclosure of any kind however unique or difficult to create, we are ready to develop a visionary and profound solution.