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Press Center

07/08/13 ClearPC® is focused more than ever on providing the highest quality products for our consumer and industrial electronics customers.  We are proud to have General Electric working with us!  This year, we are also  looking forward to the launch of the new Microsoft XBOX One and the Sony Playstation 4 while we continue to add new and exciting products, like our new ClearPC Batmobile Display Case.  Thank-you for visiting!

08/01/12 ClearPC® launches a new web site to expand our product line of consumer and industrial plastics products!

01/11/12 The Upgrade Path Inc., owner of the brand ClearPC®, is expanding our brand to create a new series of acrylic products for medical applications. The new brand is ClearMD®. We’ve started a new web site located here. We plan to start with high value laboratory grade glove boxes for handling hazardous materials, among other things. ClearPC® will of course continue as ever but our expansion begins with ClearMD®. We are looking forward to bringing you some innovative products under that brand through 2012!

01/02/12 ClearPC® announces expanded game controller and game disc storage housings for the Nintendo WII,Microsoft XBOX and the Sony Playstation 3. These security containers have continuous hinges, open from the bottom, ship with dual locks and have a secure location for your game controllers and game discs. Our original WII, XBOX and PS3 security containers are still available. Click here for our complete selection.

11/21/11 ClearPC® will be manufacturing in our new industrial building in Duncan, BC come Dec. 1st 2011! We are very excited about this new, larger space as it will allow us to expand our entire product line as well as offer our customers the world’s most innovative solutions in clear acrylic.

11/20/11 ClearPC® adds a series of new architectural covers and showcase covers to our web site.

11/19/11 ClearPC® adds 9 new LCD screen guards to our on-line catalog. Clear acrylic screen guards help protect your LCD TV from damage whether it is from children’s fingers, accidental scratches and thrown objects like video game controllers. Our acrylic guards offer the finest optical clarity and materials strength. Enter the ClearPC® LCD TV Screen Guards section for a wide selection.

8/22/11 ClearPC®’s new Dell Inspiron Zino Security Case will house and protect your Zino from tempering and theft. Ideal for college dorms, universities and any where you’d like your Zino safe and sound! Click here to view or to place an order directly, please call 250 721 3444.

12/30/10 ClearPC® releases our second set top high definition receiver security container for CISCO’s Explorer series, specifically, the 4200D model. We can build a set top box security case for any TV or satellite receiver. Please call us directly at 250 721 3444 to discuss or send an email to

12/30/10 ClearPC® releases the world’s first Microsoft KINNECT security case to compliment our XBOX 360 SLIM and REGULAR security cases! Feel free to call us direct at 250 721 3444 to place an order or click here to learn more.

09/14/10 Our latest product offering is a clear security case for the new Microsoft XBOX 360 SLIM! Please call us direct at 250 721 3444 to place an order and or view the Xbox 360 Slim to learn more.

06/18/10 ClearPC® Apple® Ipad® Security Frame Press Release.

06/15/10 ClearPC® releases the world’s first clear security frame for the Apple IPAD. Please call us direct at 250 721 3444 to place an order and or click here to learn more.

03/11/10 ClearPC® makes it’s debut on Youtube®! Take a look at the beginnings of our channel page by clickinghere. More videos to come!

03/04/10 ClearPC® releases the world’s first Western Digital MyBook® security container. Now shipping with dual locks this security case is fully wall mountable. Now no one can just walk away with your MyBook®!

02/25/10 ClearPC® security cases for the WII, XBOX, Playstation 2, Slim and PS3 Regular cases all receive dual locks for added security. Also, all cases are now outfitted with an additional 3/16″ standoff in each corner offering each screw a full 3/8″ point of contact at each screw head: that makes it even tougher to rip this case off a desk top!

10/26/09 ClearPC® releases the new Playstation 3 SLIM Security Case: the world’s first security case for the newer, slimmer SONY Playstation 3! Click here for ordering information.

09/11/09 ClearPC® releases the new GRANDE II computer enclosure. There is nothing like it! This case offers more cooling, more hard drive bays, component separation, inverted mainboard and more! Click here for ordering information.

07/24/09 ClearPC® releases the new XAVIX Security Case. If you or your organization owns a XAVIX game console, you can now purchase security protection for it!

07/06/09 Own a purpose-built, high quality security enclosure for your game console. We have models for the Playstation 2 and 3, XBOX 360 and the Nintendo WII. For volume orders, please contact us direct at tel. (250) 721 3444.

03/25/09 ClearpC® is now manufacturing a security case for your Playstation 2 Slim Line edition. If you need to keep people from taking or tampering with your Playstation 2, click here for ordering information. If you need a security case of any type, feel free to contact us. We offer customer security case solutions.

01/22/09 Starting today, we’ve got a few cases on sale. For example, take a look at the discounts on the ClearPC® Secret Agent Briefcase. Fantastic pricing for a case with extensive modifications. Click on the motorcycle for more deals.

01/21/09 ClearPC® debuts The White Tower. This new tower case offers a great contrasting background for any type, color and style of Micro-ATX and Full-ATX compatible circuit boards. With a full length window for a side panel, this case makes for a fantastic display.

01/11/09 ClearPC® offers the first comprehensive set of security solutions for Nintendo WII, Micrsoft XBOX 360 and Sony Playstation 3 video game consoles. If you need a security case for your consoles, please take a look at the XBOX and WII security cases under Acrylic Security Cases.

11/26/08 ClearPC® releases the Playstation Security Case in December 2008. We are accepting pre-orders now.

11/22/08 Contact us by email for our Nintendo WII and Microsoft XBOX wholesale price list. We offer discounts to resellers and volume buyers. Thank-you.

11/16/08 To date, ClearPC® has 438 acrylic products featured in its catalog! We are in the process of emphasizing the custom nature of the acrylic work we do through our revised catalog. The new catalog features items in the consumer space: products found nowhere else! We pride ourselves on the custom, innovative nature of our work and new products like our Nintendo WII Security Case.

09/29/07 ClearPC® underwent an extensive catalog addition today. Acrylic project parts, tools and accessories were our driving theme. Take a look at the new items for working with acrylic. These components and parts should help you get started on any project, small or large. Click here to enter now.

07/19/07 ClearPC® adds an ultimate trade show case to our inventory! This is a great case for display whether you are on the trade show circuit or not. Really, this is what display cases are all about: highlihgting your best parts; the mainboard, CPU and heatsink, memory chips and graphic(s) cards. Take a look at this new offering from ClearPC®, the ClearPC® Trade Show.

07/06/07 ClearPC® builds OCZ Technologies a custom ClearPC® Briefcase. We provided custom etchings and development in trade for some wicked components. Our PCs fly with 1150Mhz DDR2. Nice… . Take a look at their gear at

06/03/07 ClearPC® to build an all-white mid-tower with a clear side panel door. This new enclosure should really turn some heads. Contrasting computer components on a white background is simply awesome and with that new clear side panel door it will really produce a stunning effect. The new midtower is a slightly redesigned standard clear midtower listed here on our web site. Take a look at our catalog to get an idea.

05/15/07 ClearPC® custom contracts a NEMA enclosure for our local university’s chemistry department. This large photo shows the drawing and the finished acrylic enclosure side by side.

02/08/07 ClearPC® announces the ClearPC® Skyscraper! Coming in March 2007! Email us now to reserve this limited production run case. We like it dark with a clear side window and clear front single bay covers but we’ll build the first one in an all-clear format. This new format is quite exciting and offers more for watercooling and mega-storage and effects. We hope you enjoy it.

12/29/06 ClearPC® launches the world first XBOX 360 Security Enclosure! Note that this case is designed as a cover only and is intended to protect the XBOX 360 from tampering. Now, no one can touch your prized XBOX 360! Take a look at these great photos and features of this newest ClearPC® enclosure.

09/06/06 Samsung USA chooses ClearPC® for their next trade show event! Look for them at their next show and take a look at their latest mods courtesy of ClearPC®!

12/12/05 ClearPC® to shoot “Nation of Mod” video in 2006. Details to be announced shortly!

12/12/05 ClearPC® builds 22 acrylic briefcases for AMD®’s next road show.

11/21/05 ClearPC® to launch world’s first acrylic laptop turntable! Great for presentations, meetings and laptop sharing of any kind! Soon to be added to catalog.

07/05/05 ClearPC® and Microsoft® Canada team up to produce a very cool briefcase etched with company logo. Click here to check it out!

06/29/05 ClearPC® officially launches the ClearPC® STACKER. What a sweet case. Full of potential with 11 full CDROM bays! Click here to check it out!

05/17/05 In-house and custom painting arrives at ClearPC®! Check out our new designs or send us your own and we’ll paint the shee-at out of your case! Awesome!

04/07/05 Mirrored acrylic is finally coming to ClearPC®. For starters, we plan a long-needed mother board and video card mirror for the bottom of our Midtower, Grande and Gullwing cases. It’s a great way to keep an eye on those 40MM-60mm video card fans. Look for it in accessories!

03/31/05 Holy Sheeet! ClearPC® will add “Orange County Chopper-style” custom painting to our case line! How sweet and potentially meritorious is that. Blow us away with your ideas or wait and see our own. Coming for April 2005!

03/20/05 NEW! ClearPC® announces ClearPC® Stacker! A 9, 10 or 11 CDROM Bay Behemoth! Too sweet! Coming soon!

01/18/05 NEW! ClearPC® announces the release of the ClearPC® 1U, the world’s first acrylic rackmount enclosure! See our new web site: for more information and a sneak peek! Project funded by Wiretap Networks Ltd.,a California-based Information Security company, providing next generation security products for medium and large businesses, as well as global enterprises. Very cool!

12/18/04 NEW! The ClearPC® Micro, Midtower and Grande receive a beautiful new pair of acrylic grab handles. These grab handles compliment all 3 cases like no other accessory. Hand-crafted from a single acrylic bar stock! Clickhere and here. Order them with your next case — located in our catalog under acrylic case accessories.

09/03/04 Read this new ClearPC® TOXIC feature article! One of the coolest mods to ever grace our pages, the ClearPC® TOXIC is an inspiration to us all. Have a read right here!.

07/08/04 All ANANDTECH.Com reviews the ClearPC® Secret Agent Briefcase: “To allow for the smaller size, ClearPC has designed the Secret Agent in a way that will allow the most necessary of components to be installed efficiently.” Take a look at this new review here.

05/26/04 All ClearPC® cases (except our Micro-ATX case) are now shipping with all-clear acrylic standoffs, making assembly faster and that much easier. Bear with us while we update our assembly instructions!

05/25/04 ClearPC® uploads our new product catalog with OVER 79 different items! Have a look at our LATEST gearRIGHT HERE!

04/27/04 ClearPC® to launch ClearPC® XDRIVE®, the world’s first all-clear external hard drive cooler/enclosure.

02/17/04 ClearPC® along with Kingston Technologies’ shows off DDR2 memory at the Spring 2004 Intel Developer Forum. Have a look at the ClearPC® Briefcase in this photo.

02/09/04 ClearPC® is going to the Spring Intel Developer Forum as part of memory manufacturer Kingston Technologies’ display. Drop by their booth this February 17-19 at Moscone Center in San Francisco and have a peak at the ClearPC® Secret Agent Briefcase.

01/30/04 The ClearPC® Secret Agent Briefcase wins’s Seal of Excellence for enclosure design awarding the case 5 out of 5 stars. See the review

01/21/04 ClearPC® to develop ClearPC® ELITE, enclosures that our customer can custom manufacture right here according to their exact specifications. If you want the case of your dreams, let us custom build it for you to suit. It doesn’t get better than this! Stay tuned for more soon and a link at the top of our page!

01/18/04 ClearPC® appears on the front cover of a special issue of PC Upgrade Magazine, entitled “Build Your Own PC,” with a step by step guide on how to assemble a watercooled ClearPC®. On news stands through March 2004.

01/12/04 ClearPC®’s new order page for our mid-tower enclosure is now on-line. This new ordering page adds a host of new ordering options so if you’re interested in our mid-tower, please have a look!

01/08/04 Reviews of the ClearPC® Briefcase enclosure are coming! Stay tuned!

12/13/03 The ClearPC® Secret Agent Briefcase photo upload is now complete! Our newest enclosure is shipping before Christmas!

11/26/03 The ClearPC® Secret Agent Briefcase is now on-line, orders can be processed however, final photographs of the enclosure will be available soon! WELL WORTH THE RETURN VISIT JAMES!

11/24/03 ClearPC® Secret Agent Briefcase. Coming Soon! Download our press release now in PDF format. More information will be disclosed within 1 week.

10/22/03 ClearPC® to debut a new computer enclosure! An announcement will be made in conjunction with our new Reseller Program. This new enclosure is a world-wide first! Drop back in occasionally and have a look.

11/21/03 ClearPC® to announce new RESELLER PROGRAM. More details to follow! If you are a reseller interested in our new, up and coming computer enclosures sign up today for great benefits!

09/15/03 ClearPC® MICRO gets built-up in HARDFORUMS. Check it out. “Art is learned in the workplace of the man who wins his bread by it.” — uknown writer.

08/29/03 ClearPC® gets new accessories. Updating today or tomorrow with some new grilles, lights and a few sundry surprises!

07/17/03 ClearPC® gets interviewed at NextGen Electronics. Warning: This article is strictly candid and containsexpletives. Rated Immature.

07/17/03 ClearPC® gets USB 2.0, firewire and audio in a one-of-a-kind custom made all-clear cable assembly.

06/26/03 ClearPC® appears on the front cover of the August 2003 PC Upgrade Magazine! Take a look at this photo!On newstands everywhere!

06/10/03 All ClearPC® cases are now available with ALUMINUM SWITCHES!

05/30/03 Check out this swank new case we modded out for PRINCE® also known as TAFKAP.

05/21/03 ClearPC® to get new aluminum switches! Existing customers with dual switch holes will be able to upgrade to the new aluminum switches. These will be nicely machined on a CNC HAAS MINI-MILL. Photos available soon! Check back!

05/09/03 Finally, innovation in enclosure design EXCLUSIVELY from ClearPC®.

04/25/03 ClearPC® Grande, the largest commercially available ATX acrylic enclosure in the world!

02/21/03 Tom’s Hardware Guide reports on Spring IDF 2003 and in particular, Intel®’s display of a Canterwood, 800Mhz FSB motherboard in our ClearPC®! First though is ADI®’s db Cool Technology with a room full of ClearPC® cases. Check it out here.

01/21/03 ClearPC® MICRO is shipping now!

01/14/03 ClearPC® went to CES this year as part of EPOX®’s trade show display. Have a look at the second day of CES coverage for a sneak peek courtesy of AMDZONE.COM.

01/13/03 ClearPC® MICRO to ship next week! As the world’s first MICRO-ATX all-clear case, we are pleased to bring this case to you for just $69US + shipping. See our on-line order form to order and accessorize! (New photos will be available soon).

01/03/03 Happy New Year to all of our friends and customers. We’re just getting back to work now on Jan. 2nd 2003. We’ll have caught up by early tomorrow morning! If you have an urgent request, please call us direct at 250-721-3444. Thank-you.

12/05/02 ClearPC® to launch ClearPC® MICRO! The world’s first ever all-clear Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX computer enclosure!

09/24/02 ClearPC® is the lowest priced cast clear Lucite® ATX computer display case in North America at this writing. Apply now as a reseller and find out for yourself!

08/24/02 We’ve added new accessories to our growing list! Have a look!

08/20/02 IWill® USA chooses ClearPC® to house some of their newest circuit boards. Have a look at some of their offerings at IWillUSA.Com. Thanks Sherman!

05/24/02 ClearPC® went to E3® Expo!

05/02/02 ClearPC® teams up with Intel® Corporation to provide the Enterprise Platform Group display units for their upcoming Tech Focus Training in Anaheim, California. Displays will be set up for their SSI main boards.

04/24/02 ClearPC® welcomes EPOX®, international distributor and manufacturer of fine circuit boards. Visit EPOX® at their next show! Thanks Tony!

04/22/02 ClearPC® welcomes MSI®, one the world’s largest main circuit board manufacturers. Look for ClearPC® at MSI®’s table in upcoming trade shows worldwide. Enjoy the cases Kevin!

03/12/02 ClearPC® went to IDF (Intel® Developer Forum) this year! Take a look at this photo appearing at Intel’s® IDF web site. Special thanks to ATI® for getting us there!

03/04/02 We survived yet another Slashdot.Org appearance!

01/17/02 ATI®, one of the world’s largest video card manufacturers teams up with ClearPC®! We’ll be providing our clear case as part of their trade show displays. Visit ATI® at COMDEX this year or any one of 15 shows worldwide and check out the booth! Enjoy the cases Justin!

12/10/01 Tom’s Hardware Guide requests a ClearPC® to, “…use in their labs as a way of setting up, testing systems and showing off the insides of the rigs… .” Have fun with it Omid!