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ClearPC offers high quality acrylic enclosures and accessories for consumer and industrial electronics and peripherals. Protective, anti-tampering clear cases are available for everything from video game consoles, network switches, office printers and more. Game rooms are a speciality but we are adept at finding innovative solutions on request. If you don’t see a product here that will suit your needs, contact us!

Video Game Console Security Cases and Accessories

Video Game Console Security Cases and Accessories ClearPC console cases are designed by a certified PC technician to prevent tampering, withstand physical damage, internal parts theft and physical tear-aways and are optimized for heat dissipation.

LCD/ LED TV Screen Guards, Screen Covers, Electrical Covers

ClearPC TV Acrylic Screen Guard ClearPC screen guards prevent physical damage, offer superb optical clarity and dust protection. Custom sizes. Electrical panel housings are made to order.

Netbook/ Notebook/ Tablet/ Ultrabook PC Lockable Cases

Custom PC Cases for All Form Factors ClearPC netbook, notebook, tablet or ultrabook lockable housings are designed to stop unwanted tampering in the home or office environment.

Video Locking Boxes for DVD / Bluray Players

Video Locking Boxes for DVD/Bluray Players ClearPC DVD/Bluray cases have dual locks, half inch thick standoffs for solid mounting and can be made to order in any size.  A make and model number is all that is required.  No minimum order.

Custom Clear Acrylic PC Cases for All Form Factors

Custom PC Cases for All Form FactorsClearPC manufactures custom acrylic computer cases.  All form factors are supported.  Email a hand drawn sketch or CAD drawing to get started for a custom acrylic case or peruse our in-house collection.

Clear Acrylic Briefcases for Product Promotions

ClearPC manufactures clear acrylic briefcases in a wide range of sizes and we build to suit.  Each case is thermoformed with round edges, a thick, custom handle and door-stop.  Absolutely stunning!

Consumer Electronics Trade Show Light Boxes, Vitrines

Category Consumer Electronics Exhibitor Stands, Kiosks, Cases ClearPC offers custom display solutions for consumer electronics trade shows.  We can brand light boxes, vitrines, secure display housings, frames and more, on a made to order basis.

DJ Equipment, Booths, Tables, Covers and Risers

Category Covers Lockables for Recording Mixing Dj EquipmentClearPC covers protect your DJ equipment from tampering and dust accumulation when not in use. Our equipment risers allow for space savings in tight quarters. Custom sizes available for all makes and models.

Home/ Pro Audio Equipment Covers, Risers, Secure Locking Cabinets

pro-audio-equipment-covers-risers-secure-locking-cabinets Protect stereo equipment, receivers, outdoor patio speakers, turntables and more from dust, tampering and theft. Fabrication to suit.

Lockable Clear Computer Housings

Tamper Dust Computer Lockable CasesClearPC protective housings are designed by a A+ and Microsoft Certified PC Technician.  We provide secure solutions for all computer form factors.

Point of Sale Cases & Secure Organization

mc9090 pos wall mount lock box in-store storage containerClearPC POS products include locking organizers for bar code scanners, secure locking covers for receipt printers, credit card readers, monitor guards and custom designed, made to order items.

Network/ Telecommunication Equipment Security Boxes

Network Telecommunication Equipment Security Boxes Wall mountable and desk mountable network equipment security housings are available for any and all networking devices, including wireless routers and switches. Custom solutions are available.

Secure/Tamper Proof 3D Printer Housings

Stand in Image ClearPC lockable printer housings keep unwanted personnel from viewing client-sensitive print jobs and prevent tampering of printer settings and outright printer theft.

A/V Custom Cable Routing Housings/ Conduits

Stand in Image ClearPC AV conduit, square tube, are built in clear (for organizational affect) and white or black acrylic in 4′ or 8′ lengths to house coils of wire in studio.

Cameras/Camcorder Storage Boxes/ Photographic Light Boxes

Stand in Image Made from white acrylic, ClearPC’s photographic light boxes allow light diffusion for small object photography. We can build custom storage boxes, shelves and props for small and large studios.

No Tamper Switch Covers/ Telephone Covers/ Fleet Tel. Lock Boxes

Stand in Image ClearPC has developed locking electric switch covers to avoid electric switch tampering/interuptions in concert halls, theatres, school gyms and any place where our acrylic switch covers can prevent abuse.

PCB Mount Solutions/Collector & Toy Display

Stand in Image Build the right mounting platform for your PCBs at ClearPC. We can develop mounting solutions for all form factors and any size PCB & displays for vintage and modern electronics.

Clear AV Furniture, Shelves, Stands

Stand in Image Modern ClearPC audio/video acrylic furniture, shelving and stands offer the specialty home/office designer unmatched, fabrication flexibility. A few of our projects are featured. Contact us for custom, innovative solutions.

Satellite/ Marine Electronics Covers/ Locking Boxes

Stand in Image ClearPC can design various styles of handheld GPS containers, onboard electronics covers, satellite phone boxes and more to suit shipboard electronics and systems. Custom solutions provided.

Surveillance System Housings, Recorder Cases, Covers and Risers

Stand in Image
Clear outdoor camera weather covers are available and risers can be made to accommodate complex electronics organization in the surveillance room.

MAME Arcade Cabinets/Cases

Stand in Image ClearPC tabletop MAME arcade machine cabinets allow you to assemble a retro-arcade tabletop machine that allows you to play over 6,000 classic arcade titles with a simple, cheap computer.

Solar Power Systems: Meter, Inverter Covers, Shelves, Boxes

Stand in Image ClearPC manufactures solar power equipment lock boxes, covers for meters and inverters and shelving to help organize your systems.