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Network/ Telecommunication Equipment Security Boxes

Wall mountable and desk mountable network equipment security housings are available for any and all networking devices, including wireless routers and switches. Custom solutions are available.

Protect and Avoid Tampering with a ClearPC Wireless Router Case

Universal Wireless Router Security Case, 11x11x4

The 4 inch high Universal Wireless Router Security Case will fit most wireless routers and switches. More Info »


Universal Wireless Router + Switch Security Case, 11x11x6

The 6 inch high Universal Wireless Router Security Case will fit multiple wireless routers and switches. More Info »

Parasync I30 security case

ClearPC Parasync I30 Security Enclosure

The ClearPC Parasync I30 Security Enclosure. More Info »

usff pc lock box secure container

Ultra Small Form Factor PC Lock Box

A ultra small computer form factor lock box. Avoid tampering, theft and more... More Info »

ClearPC Dual Universal Wireless Router Cable MOdem Case

Dual Universal Wireless Router/Cable Modem Security Case

A dual, universally sized router/cable modem security case from ClearPC. More Info »

Apple Airport Extreme and Time Capsule

ClearPC Apple Airport Extreme or Airport Time Capsule Security Case

The ClearPC Apple Airport Extreme and Apple Airport Time Capsule Security Case. More Info »

cabinet wireless router case

Cabinet Style, Wall Mountable Universal Wireless Router Security Case

Due to popular request, we have modified our standard model universal wireless router case into a cabinet style housing that is wall mountable.  Note the power and cable pass through holes on the sides and bottom of the housing.  Mount your wireless routers up high and lock.  Made from USA made Acrylite sheet.

wireless router security case 8 pack boxes

ClearPC 8 Pack, Universal Wireless Router Security Cases, 11x11x4

ClearPC 8 PACK, Universal Wireless Router Security Cases. A great value! More Info »

Locking security case for modems, routers, network storage equipment

Universal COMBO Router/Modem/Storage Security Case, 15 x 8 x 2 3/4

A universal locking, multi-purpose case that can fit up to two or more network devices. More Info »

ClearPC Nighthawk Router Lock Box Security Case

ClearPC Netgear Nighthawk AC3200 (R8000) Lock Box

A desk or wall mountable wireless router lock box for the Netgear R8000 (AC3200). More Info »

router modem switch cover

Network Equipment Wall Cover for Routers, Modems, Switches

This wall covers offers Impact protection for your network router, modem or wall-mounted switch. More Info »

usff locking box small computer and router modem

Ultra Small Form Factor PC Lock Box with Network Router/Modem Compartment

A small PC and network router modem locking box for Ultra Small Form Factor PCs. More Info »


AvertX 16 Channel Professional IP HD Security Case

The AvertX 16 security case is a lock box for the IP HD security system. More Info »

clearpc parasync i30 i20 i10 security enclosure 1

ClearPC Universal Parasync I30, I20, I10 Security Enclosure

The ClearPC Universal Parasync I30, I20, I10 Security Enclosure. More Info »

Wireless Access Point Security Case

HP E-Series Mobility Wireless Access Point Security Case

A lockable security case is for HP E-Series Wireless Access Point. More Info »

velocity 800 , 850 security case

ClearPC Timeforce Velocity 800/850 Biometric Security Case

The ClearPC Timeforce Velocity 800/850 Security Case prevents theft of your employee time clock. More Info »