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Custom PC Cases for All Form Factors

ClearPC manufactures custom acrylic computer cases. All form factors are supported. Email a hand drawn sketch or CAD drawing to get started.

secret agent brief computer case

ClearPC Lan Gaming PC Briefcase

"Secret Agent" briefcase is the smallest, lightest Full-ATX computer enclosure we manufacture. More Info »

Grande 2 Computer Case

GRANDE II Acrylic PC Case

Our ClearPC® GRANDE II case is one of our favorites. It follows in the tradition of our best... More Info »

ClearPC Cube 2

ClearPC Cube II

The ClearPC Cube II houses a full and extended ATX computer system and is available with a series of options. More Info »

PC test bed torture rack

ClearPC Torture Rack, Personal Computer Test Bed Platform

A personal computer test bed, torture rack in clear acrylic. Options available. More Info »

Intel NUC lock box from ClearPC

ClearPC Intel NUC Universal Security Case

The ClearPC Intel NUC security locking box. More Info »