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Netbook/ Notebook/ Tablet/ Ultrabook PC Lockable Cases

ClearPC netbook, notebook, tablet or ultrabook lockable housings are designed to stop unwanted tampering in the home or office environment. We can accommodate a wide range of sizes and multiple design types are available.

clearPC Apple iPad Secure Frame

Apple iPad Wall Mounting Frame

Let's face it, IPADĀ®s are EVERYWHERE and so are the thieves waiting to steal them! More Info »

My Little iPad Stand and iPad

Apple MLIS - My Little iPad Stand

"My Little iPad Stand" (MLIS) is one of those products that is simply elegant and elegantly simple. Suitable for use at home or at the board room table. More Info »

Starting at $89.95
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15 inch Laptop Notebook Security/ Protective Case

Laptop/Notebook Security Case, Protective Case

This laptop/notebook protective case will let you to lock your laptop securely while you are away from it. More Info »

Laptop Tablet Riser with Laptop

Laptop/ Tablet Riser, Viewing Platform

A one-piece, thermoformed desktop riser allows you to raise your laptop screen to an optimal height. More Info »

ClearPC Apple LUIS - A little Under-cabinet IPAD Stand

Apple LUIS - A Little Under-cabinet IPAD Stand

Meet LUIS, a little under-cabinet Ipad stand from ClearPC. LUIS is a handy help in the kitchen and makes a great recipe reader. More Info »

Starting at $89.95
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Acrylic Dust and Debris Cover from ClearPC

ClearPC Notebook Triangle Dust and Debris Cover

The ClearPC notebook/netbook triangular cover will keep your computer clean in the dustiest, dirtiest environments. More Info »

apple ipad lock box

ClearPC Apple Ipad 10.5in. and 12in. PRO Locking Box

ClearPC Apple IPAD PRO, Universal Lock Box. More Info »