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Design Your Own Board Game, A Complete Kit, Erasable!


Product Details

Dimensions:20in. x 20in.
Materials:3/16in. clear acrylic.
Components:8 square figurine chips 8 round figurine chips 1 game board
Customizations:Available. Please call 250 721 3444.
Design:ClearPC Techinician.

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Have you ever wanted to create your own board game?  Making your own game from scratch is a lot more fun and a lot more educational than buying an off-the-shelf game.  Start your new game design with this folding, 20 inch x 20 inch clear acrylic game board kit and experiment!  Not only can you design your game using the erasable acrylic surface as your drawing board, you can design your own game pieces and game cards to make your game truly unique.  For example, you could glue any type of figurine to the acrylic game piece squares/circles provided.  Project board and game pieces can be erased and used over and over again, making this kit ideal as an in-school educational tool or an at-home fun project for a budding entrepreneur.  Washable markers not included.

Here is an image of a game called “Gold Mine,” a game my daughter made for her Grade 5 school project using washable markers on acrylic.  She created a set of rules, an instruction sheet, players, game cards with questions (green), game cards with positive results (yellow) and game cards with negative results (red).  She added gold sacks to hold small gold pieces (small rocks she painted gold).  The object of the game is to go to each square and obtain 75 grams of gold, then make it back to start.  Players are beset with challenges throughout the game. For example, during the Gold Rush, which is the theme of this game, smallpox was a problem, so, if you caught smallpox by landing on a square, you would have to wait until you receive a yellow card by rolling a 5 or a 6 on the dice.  She learned a lot about the Gold Rush on this game project, in particular history, geography, geology and mining.  It was a great experience and a fantastic way to get kids interested.  Our kids still enjoy this game!


The "Gold Mine" Board Game.

The “Gold Mine” Board Game.


Close of "Gold Mine" game.

Close Up Of “Gold Mine” Game.



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