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Microsoft XBOX 360 Security Case With Hand Opening and Disc Tray

Universal XBOX 360 Tray Opening

Product Details

Dimensions:17 3/4in. Deep x 5 3/4in. High x 13 1/2in. Wide
Materials:3/16in. Cast Clear Lucite.
Components:2 Keys
Customizations:Available (Please call)
Design:clearPC Certified Technician

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This Microsoft®  Xbox 360 Security Case houses your console and allows you to store and change game discs within the locked box. Notice that the opening in the top of the case allows your hand to pass through and change games, but it does not allow game discs to be removed from the same opening. It is ideal where game changing is frequent and adult supervision is not.

Universal XBOX 360 Security Case with tray open

This model is for both versions of Microsoft’s Xbox 360, old and new.

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New Design

Universal Xbox 360 Security Case  has been completely redesigned to house game discs but other structural changes include doors that open from the bottom to help deter prying, full length, bonded hinges at the top and doors stopped by ¼” posts.

Modeled and Tested at clearPC®

Our enclosures are modeled and tested in-house by a trained specialist with multiple computer certifications and 20+ years experience in the computer industry. Your XBOX 360 will be secure and free from tampering but it will also operate within thermal design specifications as intended by Microsoft once inside clearPC’s proprietary enclosure.

This case is made from a tough 3/16″ cast acrylic that is impact resistant and is not easily broken without applying tremendous force. When our security case is screwed down to an appropriately stationary platform, the case is immovable. There are four pass-through holes in the top of the case through which to fasten screws through the standoffs in the case bottom. Each case has four bonded standoffs through which the screws pass, offering more support to each corner of the unit from an attempted tear-away.

Universal Xbox 360 Security Case Suitability

The Universal Xbox 360 Security Case is suited to Internet cafes, pediatric offices, college dorms, children’s clinics, reception areas, waiting rooms, bars, hospitals, army barracks, youth centers and any place where the 360 may be stolen or tampered with and where game changing is unsupervised.

Ideal Air Flow Design

Importantly, all of our security cases have been designed for maximum air flow. Where the original equipment manufacturer has openings on their unit for air in-take or exhaust, the clearPC models do as well, thus, your console system should stay factory cool. Copies of our original design do not offer the same cooling features: placing vent holes in the side of a container are simply not enough to keep the units as cool as the factory intended.

Superior Structural Strength and Quality of Manufacturing

We use a cast clear acrylic that offers superior strength and optical clarity to extruded acrylic material. All of our cases are chemically edge bonded (once glued, components are inseparable). Our belief is that a bonded enclosure is rigid and tough: adding multiple drill holes or openings where they need not be, weakens the unit and reduces structural strength so we have planned each case to have the fewest openings possible (see air flow above). We offer openings for controller wire pass-through, on-off and disc changing. All edges are also hand-flamed clear and each unit is “plastic-washed” prior to shipping. The front door is lockable via camlock which includes a solid-bonded acrylic lock block. Two keys are provided. Each unit is also wrapped in clear plastic prior to shipping to avoid scratches.

Vertical VS Horizontal Case Orientation

Our design offers The Universal Xbox 360 Security Case in a horizontal orientation. Positioning of the XBOX is important to overall security. If the enclosure were designed in a vertical (upright) position, the case would be prone to toppling and ripping (using the case itself as leverage) from a desktop surface. In a horizontal position, the case is practically immovable without tremendous force being applied. The case itself offers no leverage to the would-be thief.

Mounting Options

This case is desk or shelf mountable only using the four pass through-holes in the top of the case. If you have a specific mounting requirement, or, would like us to design an acrylic shelf for multiple console units (1 WII, 3 XBOX and 2 Playstation 3 cases for example), feel free to call us at tel. 250 721 3444 to discuss. As a manufacturer, we can provide a range of options.


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Volume Discounts

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Manufactured Exclusively at ClearPC®

Invented, built exclusively and only available at ClearPC®. Customizations are available for your particular application, please call 250-721-3444 to see what we can do for you.

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